Ali Nebel

Ali Nebel is an eclectic witch, solitary practitioner & urban witch consultant who has studied witchcraft for over a decade. Ali has studied at Catland Books in Brooklyn concentrating in tarot and herb magick, and Enchantments, the oldest occult store in New York City studying candle magick. Aside from formal education, Ali continues a disciplined study of witchcraft with a special interest in sigil magick and religious iconography, in which she incorporates in her work as a fiber artist and illustrator.

Ali currently resides in Somerville, Massachusetts with her spouse and several potted plants. She is the owner & operator of Pink Tiger Apothecary, a brand dedicated to supporting the eclectic urban witch with consultations, custom spells and ritual guides. You may often see her biking around Harvard Square with a bag full of kombucha, leafy greens for a vegetarian feast and always her tarot cards.

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