Didem Hosgel

Chef Didem was born with a love of food. In her traditional Turkish home, cooking equaled nurturing. Every meal brought her family together to share in conversation, argument, laughter, love, and happiness. Her mother, grandmother, and aunts were her first culinary instructors, teaching her to grow and cook the fruits, herbs, and vegetables in their home garden. Didem traveled to the U.S. in pursuit of her passion where she convinced acclaimed Chef Ana Sortun of Oleana to take a chance on a home cook with no experience but endless determination. After many years of working at Oleana she received her Culinary degree from Cambridge Culinary, became the Chef to the Turkish Consulate of Boston, and returned to work with Sortun as her Chef de Cuisine of Sofra Bakery and Cafe. In 2020 Chef Didem introduced Tasteful Sini, a personalized chef, and catering service.

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