Earthwise Aware

Claire O’Neill is a conservationist, and the founder of Earthwise Aware, a global nature conservation nonprofit. Earthwise Aware (EwA) is determined to bring ecological knowledge, ethics & leadership in the daily life of people, and to the core of communities, organizations, and societies. Locally, EwA also connects people directly with Nature via experiential learning & conservation citizen science in our parks and reservations. Claire has traveled to over 40 countries across 5 continents –often in most remote wilderness areas. She has witnessed the human relationship to nature and its impact. Claire strongly believes that individually and together we can be ethically & ecologically engaged. Ethical Nature conservation is not circumstantial; it is a mindset that you acquire. Once on that path, a great many rewards for us become obvious, satisfaction out of practicing good ethics is almost addictive. Her favorite words: “Earthwise Aware —Because I Care!”

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