Jane Lawson

Housecleaning Consultant

Jane Lawson was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. She graduated from the Soviet Trade Institute and started her career in retail. Because of the uncertain prospects for advancement in that country, she decided to leave the Soviet Union. She was immediately fired from her job while not knowing if she would be allowed to leave. Two years later, in 1979, she arrived in the U.S., and had to earn a living. Hardly able to speak English and with no skills any employer wanted, she did the only thing she could do. She cleaned houses. Armed with her intuition and native intelligence, she developed new methods to clean houses faster and more easily than ever before. She later turned her attention to clutter in the office and in the home. Today she is an expert speaker. She has helped thousands of people throughout the U.S. to lead more productive professional and personal lives. She has been featured nationwide in newspapers and magazines, and on radio and television. Her first book is entitled Housecleaning Jane Lawson's Way. Her book on clutter control will be published shortly.

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