Jesse Eslin

Jesse Eslin, Wine Director, The Table at Season To Taste, says that creating wine pairings to complement Chef Carl Dooley’s spicy, funky, always surprising, seasonal Tasting Menus is like problem-solving – and he’s up for the task. “It’s a wild ride” shares Eslin. “And I am happy to take guests along with me for the journey.”

Eslin opened The Table at Season To Taste in 2016 with Dooley and the two have “a really good rhythm” as the Tasting Menus change every 4-6 weeks. The entire menu changes on the same night and so too does the wine pairing. Eslin has to be ready to anticipate Dooley’s next move with local product and the seasons, armed with the knowledge that Dooley’s dishes are layered deep with spices and global influences.

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