Apr 26 2018

CCAE celebrates the winners of the Third Annual Berta Golahny Awards.
Loving a Sport that Doesn't Love you Back
Feb 16 2018

The sport of baseball has a complicated history with the women in their stands. From fighting for their right just to be spectators to being pandered to with offensive and sexist promotions or forgotten altogether, baseball hasn't always done right by the women who love the sport. This lecture will trace the path of the female fan from the turn of the 20th century, when baseball was professionalized, to the current day, when the league is trying to do better but still comes up short. Women in the stands have a rich history and have been a major part of baseball's story, even if they're often left out of the telling.
An Evening of New Plays.jpg
Nov 06 2017

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education will present An Evening of New Play Readings on Saturday, November 18th at 7pm.
Recap: Second Annual Berta Golahny Awards
Apr 18 2017
CCAE announces the winners of the Second Annual Berta Golahny Awards.
Second Annual Golahny Awards
Mar 13 2017
CCAE announces its Spring 2017 exhibit and the winners of the Second Annual Golahny Awards
Celebrating Stan Edelson
Nov 29 2016
Theater director, playwright, and acting teacher, Stan Edelson, 87, who played a significant role in the 1960s experimental theater movement and the women's liberation movement, will be recognized for his 58 years of teaching at CCAE.
Katia Kapovich, Award Winning Poet
Oct 17 2016
Antonio Morales interviews Katia Kapovich, winner of two Russian National Literary Awards and a recipient of the US Library of Congress Witter Bynner Fellowship.
CCAE Staff Prepare for Mayfair by Paul Sayed
May 27 2016
By popular demand here is a photo gallery of the CCAE Staff before the 33rd Annual Mayfair Festival. Before CCAE revealed its Selfie Station to the public, some of the staff had a opportunity to test out the various props and costumes.
CCAE's Selfie Station in Harvard Square
May 24 2016
For for 33rd Annual Mayfair in Harvard Square, CCAE provided a selfie station full of fun costumes and props for the community to use. Participants of the selfie station were asked to post their photo on Instagram.