Solo Travel for Women: Explore the World Fearlessly

Have you dreamed of a fabulous travel adventure, and then given up when you couldn't find someone to go with you? Have you imagined a fantastic solo trip to an exotic locale, only to be stopped short by your fears? Has society's subtle message that women shouldn’t travel alone kept you from giving in to your wanderlust? In this workshop we'll discuss why you should consider traveling alone, the ins and outs of planning a trip, and tips for making the most of your time on the road. Instructor: Maureen White



Start Date

October 23, 2019









Wednesday, 7:45-9:45pm. Oct.23

Instructors: Maureen White


Maureen White

Maureen White has a strong case of wanderlust and believes that travel is a powerful way to learn about not only the world, but also about ourselves. She’s worked in the fields of international education, experiential learning, and community building, and has visited over 30 different countries. She loves exploring the globe solo and overcoming society’s myths about women traveling alone-- and wants to help other women to do the same. You can view a selection of her travel photos at