White People Challenging Racism: Moving from Talk to Action

People of all heritages/identities are welcome to join us as we focus on the role of white people in dismantling racism and building a just society. We’ll examine the impact of white privilege and how unawareness of that advantage helps perpetuate racism. We’ll discuss short readings and share everyday situations in which we did not speak up effectively against racial bias. Using role-playing, we’ll work out effective ways to respond. Participants will develop specific plans for challenging racism, in your workplace, organizations, community, and personal circles. You will be encouraged to find other people in your life who can provide support and serve as allies in your efforts. Co-facilitators: Jennifer Yanko, Colin Stokes



Start Date

July 2, 2019









5 Tuesdays, 7:45-9:45pm. Begins Jul. 2

Instructors: Jennifer Yanco, Colin Stokes


Jennifer Yanco

Colin Stokes

Colin Stokes is the Director of Communications, Outreach, and Engagement at METCO, Inc., the historic school desegregation program between Boston and its suburbs. He speaks about privilege, parenting, and popular culture at schools, non-profits, and corporations. His four talks at TEDxBeaconStreet have been viewed nearly 10 million times, and he has coached a number of speakers who have been highlighted on TED.com. He has worked at a number of other education non-profits, supporting their missions with branding, employee engagement, and organizational learning about racism and inclusion. Before all that, he was a professional actor and graphic designer in Boston and New York. He studied visual arts at Harvard and now lives in Brookline with his wife and two children. newherojourney.com