White People Challenging Racism: Moving from Talk to Action - Part 1

People of all racial identities are welcome to join us as we focus on the role of white people in dismantling racism and building a just society. In these workshops, we use a multi-pronged approach to growing both our understanding and our capacity for action. In part1 we'll examine the impact of white privilege and how being unaware of that advantage helps perpetuate racism. We’ll discuss short readings, videos, podcasts and other materials to enhance our understanding. We will share everyday situations we have confronted and using role plays, work out effective ways to respond to and challenge racism. Each participant will develop a specific plan for challenging racism (in the workplace, organizations, community and personal circles) and will be encouraged to find other people in their lives who can provide support and serve as allies in implementing the plan. Co-facilitators: Barbara Beckwith, Blake Benton



Start Date

March 7, 2020









3 Saturdays, 9:30am-1pm. Begins Mar. 7 No class Mar. 21

Instructors: Barbara Beckwith, Blake Benton


Barbara Beckwith

Barbara Beckwith co-facilitates "White People Challenging Racism: Moving From Talk to Action"; she also co-teaches "Getting Your Essays Out In the World." She is a freelance journalist (M.A. in journalism, Boston University) whose articles and essays appear in local and national magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. Co-author of Standing Up to the SAT, she more recently published (2009) a booklet of essays, What Was I Thinking? Reflecting on Everyday Racism, available from cddbooks.com. As Co-Chair of the Boston Chapter of the National Writers Union (nwuboston.org) and co-chair of its diversity committee, she co-wrote and co-edited Strength Through Diversity: A Handbook for Locals (www.nwu.org) She is a volunteer for the Library on Racism at Community Change (communitychangeinc.org).

Website: barbarabeckwith.net

Blake Benton