Self-Exploration Through Literature

Certain fictional characters seem as real as our friends and adversaries because their authors write with insight and intuition about human emotions. By examining our unique reactions in stories and novels, we achieve increased self-understanding. We’ll use contemporary works by Andre Dubus, Alice Munro, Ellen Gilchrist, and others as points of departure as we ask ourselves: What are our feelings and attitudes about the story characters, and what do these emotional responses reveal about ourselves? Instructor: Jane Katims



Start Date

April 8, 2020









10 Wednesdays, 12-1:30pm. Begins Apr. 8

Instructors: Jane Katims


Jane Katims

M.Ed., Author, Dancing on a Slippery Floor

Jane Katims is the author of the poetry collection, Dancing on a Slippery Floor (2007). She teaches contemporary literature and creative writing at Tufts University and The Cambridge Center for Adult Education, as well as leading private workshops. Jane earned her BA at the University of Wisconsin and her M.Ed at Lesley University. She has received a Peabody Award and a John Woods Scholarship in Fiction Writing. Her short story, "Until Now," appeared in the Spring 2009 all-fiction issue of Pearl Magazine. Several recent stories have appeared in Proximity Magazine, The Coachella Review, and The West Texas Literary Review. Jane serves on the Board of the English Department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She lives with her family near Boston.