Cooking with Ginger

A hot and fragrant spice, ginger root is used as a significant ingredient to spice up dishes in many world cuisines. In this class, we’ll start with a welcome ginger drink. Then, we’ll make Japanese salad with ginger soy vinaigrette. We’ll also make ginger shiitake mushroom chicken soup, ginger stir-fry chicken with ginger jasmine rice, and finish up with delicious pudding with ginger syrup. You’ll leave the class with more confidence to use many forms of ginger to replicate delicious dishes at home. Instructor: Ploy Khunisorn



Start Date

October 19, 2019









Saturday, 11am-2pm. Oct. 19

Instructors: Ploy Khunisorn


Ploy Khunisorn

Ploy Khunisorn is a native of Thailand. She went to Suan Dusit International Culinary School while she was working as a financial analyst in Bangkok. She came to the USA to do Master’s Degree in Sustainability at Harvard University and Master’s Degree in Education at Cambridge College. She started teaching Thai cooking classes at CCAE since 2014. She is also a senior program manager for the culinary arts, business, technology, home, and science at CCAE. With her love of traveling over 30 countries, she has learned varieties of cuisine around the world. With her passion for cooking and baking, she has expanded her repertoire teaching Japanese, Korean, vegan, gluten-free, pastry, and more.

Chef out her food passion on Instagram: @ployskitchen