How to Remember Anything

A better memory leads to greater success in business and life. The best way to improve your memory is to change how you memorize. The training is called MemorizeBest and it is the easiest and most effective way this method has ever been taught. Visit: Learn how to easily remember names, numbers, lists, presentations, language, scripture, studies, songs, poems, work info, hobbies - anything with letters, words or numbers. You won’t learn a memory trick. You’ll learn a new way of seeing things more vividly, making everything easier to remember. No longer struggle to remember. No longer forget. Instructor: Neil Kutzen



Start Date

October 20, 2020









2 Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm. October 20 & 27.

This class will meet online using Zoom. The zoom link and information on how to join will be emailed to you.
If you register the day before the class begins or after the first date, please contact for the link.

Instructors: Neil Kutzen


Neil Kutzen

Neil has a BA and MA in Clinical Psychology. He is a sometime actor, award winning storyteller, full time memory trainer and senior with a better memory than ever. He spent 25 years as a management trainer with Motorola and other top companies before focusing on memory. He designed MemorizeBest to be the easiest way to memorize anything. Visit: