Looking Back at the Vietnam War: But Why Now?

Following up on the Ken Burns series on Vietnam, CCAE offers this provocative 6-session evaluation of our basic assumptions about this unique event in U.S. history and the implications of the Vietnam experience for today’s wars. Using selections from the PBS series’, lectures, speaker and historical documents, this in-depth history of the different periods of the war will open up fresh perspectives which replace confusion with clarity. Instructor: Paul Shannon



Start Date

July 11, 2019









6 Thursdays, 3:45-5:45pm. Begins Jul. 11 Please note slight schedule change from printed catalog!

Instructors: Paul Shannon


Paul Shannon

Paul was born in Boston in 1947, grew up in Norwood, and has lived all his life in the greater Boston area. For almost all of his adult life he has been an activist, writer, and speaker in various peace, union, prison reform, human rights, and social justice movements, particularly the United Farm workers’ union drives, the Vietnam anti-war and solidarity movements, the movement to end apartheid in South Africa, the 1980’s Central American and Cambodian solidarity movements, the Haitian solidarity movement, anti-war movements focused on Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen, and the Campaign for the Peoples Budget. He has taught social science and Vietnam war history classes in various colleges for 42 years and is recently retired from the American Friends Service Committee where he was on staff for 35 years. He is past director of the AFSC national film library was editor of the Indochina newsletter for 22 years.