Mastering the Digital Camera *In-Person*

The variety of menus, buttons, and settings on a digital camera can be intimidating. This hands-on, interactive four-hour class will cover the fundamentals of camera operation and help you turn your digital camera from a confusing obstacle into a creative image-making machine. Camera required! This class is designed for beginning to intermediate photographers, but anyone can attend and get value out of the class exercises. Instructor: Randall Warniers



Start Date

March 19, 2023









Sunday, 9am-1pm. Mar. 19

This class will meet in-person at CCAE with a limited student capacity. Please note that COVID-19 proof of vaccination is required. Please view our In-Person Class Guidelines.

Instructors: Randall Warniers


Randall Warniers

Originally trained in mathematics and physics, Randall Warniers was seduced away from science by the pleasures of literature, cinema, and photography. He wrote computer graphics software for several years, and then spent nearly two decades as managing editor of a research journal at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. During this time he indulged his passion for street photography, French cinema, Victorian novels, and European travel. A former student of Garry Winogrand, he is happiest when he and his Nikon camera are in hot pursuit of decisive moments. A photography instructor at the Cambridge Center since 1986, he currently teaches "Mastering Digital Photography" and "Digital Photography for the Traveler."