Japanese Woodblock Prints

The instructor in this class is going to do a series of live demonstrations, and will be happy to answer questions, discuss his approach, and generally provide a time for like-minded people to gather around the bench and share an interest in woodblock printmaking. Using a modest, easily-acquired set of tools and materials, the instructor will share his journey and encourage those of you who want to begin your own. Instructor: Dan Paret



Start Date

September 17, 2020









8 Thursdays, 7-8:30pm. Begins September 17.

This class will be online via Zoom. The Zoom link and information on how to join will be emailed to you

If you register the day before the class begins or after the first date, please contact zoom@ccae.org for the link.

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Instructors: Dan Paret


Dan Paret

Dan has been working wood for nearly thirty years, professionally as a home renovation contractor, avocationally as a maker of cabinets and boxes, and finally as a professional woodworker making both custom and speculative cabinets and boxes. Since 2002, he has been doing all of his woodworking with hand tools. In his classes he attempts to create an environment that is both challenging and supportive, with equal measures of seriousness and levity.

Website: planesimplebox.com