The Healing Balance of Yoga *NEW*

Yoga means to bring together the mind, body and spirit. In todays society, many of us are trying to balance these 3 even if we aren’t aware of it. In this class, we will be practicing restorative and vinyasa flows to bring vitality to our bodies. The meditation and breathing techniques will give you the ability to be aware of emotions, thoughts, habits and allow you to respond to the challenges of life with grace. After this class you will see life in a new way because you will be a new person. Instructor: Erwins Cazeau



Start Date

September 21, 2019









8 Saturdays, 9-10am. Begins Sep. 21

Instructors: Erwins Cazeau


Erwins Cazeau

I am currently a yoga instructor and soon to be Massage Therapist. I enjoy art, wellness, nature, personal development and anything that opens my mind to say the least. If I can use a phrase to describe myself, it would be "ever changing" because I’m always willing and open to bettering myself. My yoga practice is very much internal, learning and understanding self. Seeing how I feel and guiding my students to do the same. If I could leave my students with one message, it would be, "study yourself and be honest with yourself. Make a conscious effort to let go of your ego and be the best that you can be because we are all figuring out who we are."