Beginning Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

Have you wondered what meditation and mindfulness are all about? Have you tried meditation before without success? No problem. In this class, we will explore the why's and the how's of these two intertwined practices and discuss ways to establish a workable daily practice.Through guided meditations and the skillful application of mindfulness techniques you will get a taste of the calm and joy that is always available within you. Instructor: Karen Krolak



Start Date

April 8, 2020









8 Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm Begins Apr. 8

Instructors: Karen Krolak


Karen Krolak

Karen Krolak is a free range collaborator based in Boston, MA. Since 2000, she has been the co-founder/Artistic Director of Monkeyhouse, ( an award-winning nonprofit that connects communities through choreography. She practices meditation to help her manage a challenging, chronic health condition. For decades, she has woven meditation, improvisation, and mindfulness into her dance classes and personal creative practice. She earned her B.A. in Linguistics at Northwestern University and her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Sierra Nevada College. Her ongoing project, the Dictionary of Negative Space (( has been featured in exhibitions/conferences/performances in Nevada, Louisiana, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, England, and Korea. She recently won the First Annual Feels Blind Literary DIY Prize with an unusual ode to mindfulness, Slippers to Soothe Your Emergency Room Blues.