Cine-città: Films on Love and Power in the Shadow of Confinement *NEW*

We will watch and discuss thought-provoking films about confinement and surveillance—whether inflicted as punishment or self-imposed—by award-winning directors including Garrone, Sorrentino, and Taviani. The stories unfold in maximum security prisons, dystopic modernist tenement houses, and suburban malls; they tell of the machinations of conspirators, the kidnapping of politicians, the travails of the urban proletariat, and the romantic lives of mafia middlemen and art connoisseurs. The films will provide the basis for our discussions of love, power, and the scope of personal choice in the modern world. Students of all levels of Italian are welcome as long as they are prepared to immerse into the language. Tuition includes wine and snacks. Instructor: Maria Grazia Lolla