A German Morning with Bauhaus *NEW*

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar by Walter Gropius, we will dedicate the whole morning to this school. After an introduction, we will walk to to the Harvard Art Museums and visit the current Bauhaus exhibit, which showcases parts of the biggest Bauhaus collection outside of Germany. A hearty, cold German lunch will conclude the day and give us opportunity to practice new vocabulary and discuss the exhibit. Students of all levels of German are welcome as long as they are prepared to immerse into the language. Tuition includes cold lunch. Tuition does not include museum entrance (free for MA residents). Instructor: Francesca Ferraris



Start Date

June 8, 2019









Saturday, 10am-2pm. Jun. 8

Instructors: Francesca Ferraris, Diana Erinna


Francesca Ferraris

Francesca is a native Italian. She moved from Rome to Vienna, Austria at the age of six. She completed German and Romance Studies with a Master's degree at the University of Vienna, where she later worked as an academic researcher with a special focus on German literature of the 17th century. For 12 years, Francesca headed one of the Wiener Volkshochschulen -- a renowned adult education center in Vienna. She has been teaching Italian and German classes of all levels for more than 30 years, and enjoys watching how students reach the ultimate goal of language acquisition, namely being themselves in a foreign language. Francesca moved to Boston with her family in 2007 and joined CCAE as German instructor in 2010. She has been CCAE's program manager for languages, history and travel & tours since 2017.

Diana Erinna

Diana is a German native from then East Germany who holds a degree in German as a Foreign Language. After arriving in the US, Diana enjoyed teaching students at Harvard University followed by leading the German program at Northeastern University Boston. She has developed the German program’s language curriculum and course materials there, and has led several “German Language and Culture” courses to Germany.

“Everyone is different, and we learn in different ways. I pride myself on being flexible, creative, and with over 20 years of experience teaching German. I take into account what your goal is, and what is the right method for you. I integrate what is important to you whether it is business culture, pronunciation, presentation or sentence structure and grammar – the main focus remains on competence in the language, culture and communication.”