Manifest with Cannabis *NEW*

This is a workshop designed to connect to your higher self using cannabis as a spiritual tool for personal development. We will learn about the history of cannabis and spirituality in addition to learning how to connect to your Higher Self, create a daily ritual, and create a personal vision map. We will focus on certain cannabis strains that are best for spiritual connection. Students will not be allowed to consume cannabis nor will there be cannabis on the premise.  Instructor: Elga Santiago



Start Date

March 12, 2020









2 Thursdays,7:45-9:45pm Mar.12 & 19

Instructors: Elga Santiago


Elga Santiago

Elga Santiago is a spiritual life coach and teacher at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. With over a decade learning and implementing spiritual practices and personal development, she has transformed her life into a creative expression of herself. Elga has fused her knowledge of spirituality, personal development, and neuroscience with her love of cannabis. Elga has been featured in Stony Girl digital magazine and the Curious Monki podcast. Elga lives in the south shore of Massachusetts with her three children and husband. In her free time, Elga loves to read, re-watch Grandma's Boy, and binge on makeup tutorials.