Drink Maps and Licensing Laws in the UK: A Talk and Tasting *NEW*

In the late 19th century, Temperance activists in the United Kingdom sought to limit the number of premises where alcohol could be purchased or consumed by creating “drink maps” to visually shock viewers about the number of licensed establishments. The maps are beautiful, as you will see while tasting examples of beer and gin of the era, while also learning about their impact on licensing laws and alcohol consumption. Instructor: Kris Butler



Start Date

December 8, 2019









Sunday, 1:30-3:30pm. Dec. 8

Instructors: Kris Butler


Kris Butler

Certified Beer Judge

Kris Butler is an exam-certified beer judge and president of the Boston Map Society. She has judged beer competitions in the U.S. and Italy, collaborated on a commercial beer in Denmark, consults on American craft beer for a pub in Devon, England, and is an award-winning homebrewer. In the field of maps, she writes cartography book reviews for Imago Mundi and was a contributing writer to the 2015 book MAP by Phaidon Press. In spite of her love of maps, she has no sense of direction, especially after indulging in her love of beer.

Website: TravelSips.com

Twitter: @TravelSips and @BosMapSociety