Chinese: Beginner Level 3 *NEW*

This level is for students who have at least 25 hours of classroom time in the language within the last year, and are familiar with everyday expressions, and can make very simple sentences. Following the textbook for beginner's Chinese by anthropologist and linguist Yong Ho, students at this level will learn frequently used vocabulary and sentence patterns for dining, travel and weather conditions. This course covers Lessons 8-10 of the textbook. By the end of Level 3, students should be able to describe in Chinese areas of immediate personal relevance, read very short, simple texts, communicate in routine tasks requiring a simple exchange of information on their families, educational backgrounds, and jobs. Instructor: Jin Chen



Start Date

January 16, 2020









9 Thursdays, 7:45-9:15pm. Begins Jan. 16

Please note that this course might require the purchase of a textbook, please wait with the purchase until after attending the first class.

Instructors: Jin Chen Cooper


Jin Chen Cooper

Jin Chen Cooper is an Associate in Research of Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, and a Rapporteur for the Harvard Asia Center reporting on the talk series "Critical Issues Confronting China," and other Center events. From 2005 to 2013, she was a specially invited columnist of Caixin Media (formerly Caijing Magazine), for which she published a weekly column, “Notes from Harvard.” Jin holds an MA in Regional Studies - East Asia (RSEA) from Harvard University, an MBA with concentration in finance from the Carroll School of Management of Boston College, and a BA in mathematics and economics from Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR. She lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and two children.