Mysteries of the Universe: Black Holes, Dark Energy, and More

Fifty years ago, humans landed on the Moon. We’ve since discovered countless planets orbiting other suns, and potentially habitable environments in our own solar system. We know how big the universe is, how old it is, and what it’s made of. But, we also face mysteries: black holes, dark matter, and dark energy. We’ll cover everything you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. No math or science background required. You’ll also get to use a large telescope at a local observatory. Instructor: Dan Winchell and John Sheff



Start Date

January 14, 2020









8 Tuesdays, 7:45-9:15pm. Begins Jan. 14

Instructors: John Sheff, Dan Winchell


John Sheff

John Sheff has explored some remote parts of our planet on adventure travel journeys and mountaineering expeditions. His lifelong background as an amateur astronomer and space buff has him just as excited about the exploration of other planets. He enjoys participating in star parties, particularly inner-city ones, organized by his local club - the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston (ATMoB). He loves to share views of the sky through the observatory telescope he operates during Public Nights at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, and serves as a NASA Solar System Ambassador. Lately, he's been teaching astronomy after-hours to 2nd-6th grade students in Cambridge schools. When on Earth, he lives in Cambridge, MA.

Dan Winchell

Dan Winchell has been teaching astronomy for several years. He has been involved with the local astronomy community and is a longtime member of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston (ATMoB). He is familiar with a variety of telescopes and is an experienced urban observer. Learning about astronomy and how to share that with others is an ongoing pursuit.