The American Justice System: Case Studies from Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson *NEW*

In this workshop we will analyze the realities of mass incarceration through Bryan Stevenson’s lens of justice and mercy. We will unpack his case studies of how the United States came to lock up so many children and mentally ill adults. We will examine the new wave of urban district attorneys who are working to reshape criminal justice in American cities, and to address racial inequities in the justice system, with the support of majorities in those cities. Finally, we will grapple with Bryan Stevenson’s call for Truth and Reconciliation in the United States through his ongoing work with the Equal Justice Initiative. Required book: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Instructor: Joshua Frank



Start Date

September 26, 2019









8 Thursdays, 4-5:30pm. Begins Sep. 26

Required book: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Instructors: Joshua Frank


Joshua Frank

Joshua Frank has worked as an educator for twenty-nine years--as a teacher, an administrator and a trainer. He has designed and implemented innovative, data-based programs for at-risk middle and high school students, helping them to set and reach specific academic goals. He completed his Bachelor’s degree at UMass/Amherst, and Master’s degrees from UMass/Boston and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His areas of interest include working with at-risk students, fostering positive, effective teacher-student relationships, and promoting cultural competence and equity in schools. Josh’s 2007 Education Digest article, “When White Educators Discipline Students of Color,” was republished as a “classic” in the August 2015 Connections: The Journal of the National School Reform Faculty.