A Journey to Mongolia and the World's Last Wild Horses *NEW*

Landlocked, large, and sparsely populated, Mongolia is home to 3 million people and the coldest capital city on earth, Ulaanbaatar. Once you exit the city’s congested streets, you will reach the "land of eternal blue sky" with its steppes and the last wild horses on earth. Join us to learn more about the conservation challenges in this endangered terrestrial ecosystems, an old culture that is changing quickly, and about the horses that the Mongolian people once called the "Man's Messengers to the Gods.” Instructor: Claire O'Neill, Earthwise Aware



Start Date

September 26, 2019









Thursday, 6-7:30pm. Sep. 26

Instructors: Earthwise Aware


Earthwise Aware

Claire O’Neill is a conservationist, and the founder of Earthwise Aware, a global nature conservation nonprofit. Earthwise Aware (EwA) is determined to bring ecological knowledge, ethics & leadership in the daily life of people, and to the core of communities, organizations, and societies. Locally, EwA also connects people directly with Nature via experiential learning & conservation citizen science in our parks and reservations. Claire has traveled to over 40 countries across 5 continents –often in most remote wilderness areas. She has witnessed the human relationship to nature and its impact. Claire strongly believes that individually and together we can be ethically & ecologically engaged. Ethical Nature conservation is not circumstantial; it is a mindset that you acquire. Once on that path, a great many rewards for us become obvious, satisfaction out of practicing good ethics is almost addictive. Her favorite words: “Earthwise Aware —Because I Care!”