Location, Location, Location: How Genealogical Research Can Benefit from Historical Maps *NEW*

Answering the question "where do our ancestors come from?" is often key to a better understanding the history and traditions of our families. Identifying the places where our ancestors used to live could be a critical step in finding sources of genealogical information, but locating those places can be quite a challenging task, particularly in Eastern Europe. Web-based resources—including digital repositories of historical maps and geographic information databases—can help overcome those challenges. This workshop demonstrates the use of such resources in order to enable correlating information from multiple sources and facilitate locating our ancestral towns in Europe. Instructor: Edward Mitukiewicz



Start Date

March 11, 2020









2 Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm. Mar. 11 & 18

Instructors: Edward W. Mitukiewicz


Edward W. Mitukiewicz

Ed Mitukiewicz is Polish by birth and American by choice. Ed is a mathematician and computer scientist by education, researcher and technology consultant by profession, and amateur cartographer and genealogist by coincidence. Ed has a particular weakness for old maps - rumor has it that Ed never met one he did not like. Ed worked as editor, translator and map consultant during the production of the 2015 “Raise the Roof” documentary film about reconstruction of the 18th century wooden synagogue of Gwozdziec. At recent genealogy conferences in Poland, Israel and United States Ed presented illustrative scenarios of using historical maps in genealogical research. Ed has been teaching Polish at CCAE since 2018.