Italian: Giallo & spumante: Advanced Italian Mysteries Club

Stereotyped as the land of crime and intrigue, Italy has been the setting of many international best-selling mysteries. Politically committed, narratively sophisticated, and supremely enjoyable, the best Italian mysteries explore the dark side of Italy’s present, challenge ideas of justice, and seduce readers with the evocation of la dolce vita. We will discuss La donna della domenica (1972) by the duo Fruttero and Lucentini. Set in Turin, the novel investigates the murder of a small-time architect at a time of social unrest. Half crime fiction half novel of manners, this long, skillfully constructed and elegantly narrated best seller is noted for its unique ability to combine literary care with readability.

Instructor: Maria Grazia Lolla



Start Date

February 24, 2021









Wednesday, 6-8pm. Feb. 24

This class will meet online using Zoom. The zoom link and information on how to join will be emailed to you.
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Required reading: La donna della domenica (1972) by Fruttero and Lucentini.

Instructors: Maria Grazia Lolla


Maria Grazia Lolla

Native Speaker, Ph.D., University of Cambridge