Sketchbook Series *Online*

It doesn't take much to draw. While your surroundings may seem claustrophobic from being indoors during this time, that just means you might need a different point of view. In this class we will discuss different drawing techniques and how to look at our surroundings in new and interesting perspectives. Elements of composition, line quality and some playfulness will combine to bring out the "reclusive artist" in you. Instructor: Bryan Ramey



Start Date

September 22, 2021









6 Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30pm. Begins Sep. 22

Please have drawing materials of your choice, this could include a sketchbook or simply computer paper and any writing implements you have on hand.

This class will meet online using Zoom. The zoom link and information on how to join will be emailed to you. Please also check your spam folder.
If you register 12 hours or less before the class begins or after the start date, please contact for the link.

Instructors: Bryan Ramey


Bryan Ramey

Bryan Ramey received his BFA from Alfred University in 2008, after which he honed his craft, traveling internationally before settling in Brisbane Australia. There, he worked with Jugglers Art Space and also landed his first solo show. He returned stateside to attend the Post-Baccalaureate Program at the School for the Museum of Fine Arts in 2011. Over the last 10 years, Bryan has exhibited both locally and internationally while working with musicians and authors as a freelance illustrator. He currently lives and works out of his home studio in Brighton MA. Website: Instagram: @Thorodin64

Bryan is an avid tabletop gamer with a wealth of experience points and a passion for the game. Having played dungeons and dragons starting fist with 3.5 edition then 5th edition in college, he has passionately been among the dice rolling community since the early 2000’s. Here in Boston he has played in a weekly game for the past two and a half years as well as serving as the dungeon master for two campaigns of friends, one lasting over two years and the other nearing its year mark.