Virtual Trip, Beer History, and Beer Tasting: Belgium, Germany, and the UK

No flights, no problems! In this online interactive class, join our virtual trip to Belgium, Germany, and the UK through beer tasting. While we taste different beers, we’ll talk about their dramatically different brewing traditions and techniques that result in different flavor profiles. We’ll talk about major historical styles, brewing histories, and cultural differences. You’ll receive a beer list 3 days before the class starts. We will also suggest a liquor store that provides a same-day delivery so that you will have all the beers for tasting before class. Instructor: Kris Butler



Start Date

December 4, 2020









Friday, December 4 from 7-8:30pm.
This class will be online via Zoom. You will receive a link and recipe packet on how to connect 3 days before the class starts.

If you register the day before the class starts or the day of the class, please contact for the zoom link.

Instructors: Kris Butler


Kris Butler

Kris Butler is an exam-certified beer judge and past president of the Boston Map Society. She is an award-winning homebrewer and has judged beer competitions in the U.S. and Italy. In the field of maps, she has lectured on English drink maps at the Harvard Map Collection, the Boston Public Library, and at the International Conference on the History of Cartography (Amsterdam). She was a contributing writer to the 2015 book MAP by Phaidon Press. In spite of her love of maps, she has no sense of direction, especially after indulging in her love of beer.

Twitter: @TravelSips and @BosMapSociety

Instagram: @krisbutler6 and @Boston_Map_Society