Teaching Your Children Financial Literacy *Online*

This class is for parents who want to learn how to develop their teenage and pre-teen children’s financial literacy and related decision-making skills. You will learn how to guide your kids to create good spending and saving habits, responsibly manage credit cards and student loans, work with financial institutions, and consider a Roth IRA when they have earned income. Lastly, we'll discuss how to talk with your kids about money. Instructor: Jimmy Becker



Start Date

March 2, 2022









Wednesday, 6-7pm. Feb. 2.

This class will meet online using Zoom. The zoom link and information on how to join will be emailed to you. Please also check your spam folder.
If you register 12 hours or less before the class begins or after the start date, please contact zoom@ccae.org for the link.

Instructors: Jimmy Becker


Jimmy Becker

Jimmy Becker is the founder of FinanciallySpeaking.Org. He creates and presents customized workshops on many dimensions of financial planning and decision-making to audiences of all ages, including employee groups, adult education learners, students, and incarcerated inmates. Are you confused and overwhelmed by complex and overpriced offerings from traditional financial advisors? You’re not alone. Expensive investment advice may be what is offered, but what you really need are answers to basic financial planning questions that are unbiased, understandable, and actionable. Mr. Becker began his career on Wall Street as an options arbitrageur and understand the financial services industry from the inside out. He earned an Economics degree from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

You can learn more at his website, financiallyspeaking.org or youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQyvRvcuOytu5-2TQRgG5mg