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Among the leading composers of the 19th century Antonin Dvorak May well be the greatest melodist. Even his most formally ambitious works — his symphonies and string quartets, where melodies are typically subordinated to other qualities — are often wonderfully melodic. His cello concerto is by far the most popular of all concerti for that instrument, and his songs and dances are endlessly tuneful. In this course we’ll examine examples of all these genres including the brilliant 8th symphony, the American quartet, and the terrific Slavonic Dances, as well as his splendid opera, Rusalka. Instructor: Michael Frank



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September 23, 2021









8 Thursdays, 3:30pm-5:30pm Begins Sep. 23

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Instructors: Michael Frank


Michael Frank

Mike Frank holds a PhD in literary theory from Cornell, but his interests extend to questions of interpretation and aesthetic analysis in literary and musical texts. He has taught writing and literature at Cornell, Williams, U. of Chicago, and Oberlin, and established the cinema studies program at Bentley where he also taught the BSO oriented music course that’s the model for some of his CCAE classes. A central preoccupation of his work is the relationship between formal analysis of artworks and the kinds of satisfaction they provide for actual audiences.