Serious and Playful love in Early Greek lyric: In-Person* *NEW*

This class is centered around one collection of poetry: Theognis’ Book II of elegiac verse, sometimes called Musa Paedica. This is a remarkably modern-sounding collection of 158 total verses of homoerotic love poetry whose controversial position in the Ancient Greek literary canon has inspired an unending font of strange theories from eminent classicists of every age, from Charles Darwin to Friedrich Nietzsche. The aim of this class is to first introduce the lay audience to ancient lyric poetry whilst drawing on poetic forms well known to English speakers. We will mainly look at the work of Theognis but also similar works by Sappho and Callimachus the Cyrenian in selected English translations with some references to the Ancient Greek where further clarity is needed. Finally, a discussion of the portrayal of desire and longing in these poems will be undertaken and some parallels identified with the poetry of Wilde in English and of Cavafy in modern Greek. Instructor, Emilio Saavedra



Start Date

December 1, 2022









2 Thursdays, 6:30-9:00pm Begins Dec. 1 & 8

This class will meet in-person at CCAE with a limited student capacity. Please view our In-Person Class Guidelines prior to enrolling.

Instructors: Emilio Saavedra


Emilio Saavedra

Emilio Saavedra is an itinerant hellenist and linguist. Growing up between France the US, Germany, and New Zealand he developed and interest for languages, and specialized in ancient languages at the Vivarium Novum in Rome where Latin and ancient Greek were the only languages spoken. He followed a course in Art History at the Karlova Univerzita, then studied Roman Greek and middle French literature and linguistics the Sorbonne. He completed a Masters in Greek literature and linguistics at the Sorbonne Paris IV and continues to teach spoken and ancient languages internationally and locally. His courses tend to centre around myth, folklore, and social phenomena in archaic to hellenistic magna graecia.