Understanding Fungi: Evening Presentation

Learn about the ecological role of mushrooms including the world’s most efficient recyclers and environmental benefits. You’ll view images of a remarkable array of mushrooms, including the Noble Polypore, an endangered species that can tip the scales at 300 pounds, and the Deadly Galerina, a dramatically smaller species (one or two bites of which can be fatal). We’ll discuss field and identification procedures, but not the complex issue of edibility. This class is for presentation only. If you sign up for the Mushroom Walk, you don’t need to sign up for this class. The instructor will have available copies of both Fascinating Fungi of New England and Giant Polypores and Stoned Reindeer. Instructor: Lawrence Millman



Start Date

October 25, 2019









Friday, 7-9pm. Oct. 25

Instructors: Lawrence Millman


Lawrence Millman

In addition to being an Arctic explorer and ethnographer, Lawrence Millman is a mycologist who has studied fungi in such places as Honduras, Greenland, Nantucket, Panama, Western Samoa, and Fresh Pond in Cambridge. With fellow mycologist Bill Neill, he discovered a species in 2006 in New Hampshire that had been considered extinct for almost a hundred years. His guidebook Fascinating Fungi of New England is the first guidebook to New England species; it was written for beginners. Dr. Millman lives in Cambridge.