Modern Hebrew: Beginner Level 1

The official language of the state of Israel, Hebrew is a Semitic language which belongs to the Afro-Asian language family. Hebrew is the only Canaanite language still spoken, and the only truly successful example of a revived dead language. Modern Hebrew is spoken by approximately 10 million people around the world. Beginner Level 1 is for students who have not studied Hebrew before, or have less than 10 hours of classroom time within the last year. Students will learn to identify common words, read basic vocabulary, ask and answer simple questions, and use simple phrases and sentences to describe familiar people and places. Students can expect to learn to read and write the Hebrew alphabet. Instructor: Revital B. Morre



Start Date

January 15, 2020









9 Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm. Begins Jan. 15

Instructor will provide all materials.

Instructors: Revital Bluma Moore


Revital Bluma Moore

Revital Moore is an experienced language teacher with years of focus on teaching Hebrew and English as a Second language. She holds a graduate degree (M.Ed.) from the University of Pennsylvania graduate school of education in Teaching English as Second Language (TESOL) degree, and a BA degree in Psychology and Linguistics from Tel-Aviv University. Ms. Moore is licensed to teach in the public school system English as Second Language (ESL) in three different states (MA, CT and NJ), in all of which she worked and gained experience. In addition, Ms. Moore has served since 2012 as a personal tutor for ESL students at Lesly University. Revital Moore enjoys a creative approach to teaching Hebrew, and utilizes in her classes conversations, games, songs, and short stories to keep her students engaged.