Class Supply List

ANAA - Anatomy for Artists: Advanced- Mark Lefkowitz


  • A large (18” x 24”) drawing pad (smooth newsprint is fine). Drawing as large as possible will provide a much better learning experience than working on smaller-scale drawings.
  • Dry media of your choice, such as carbon pencils or soft lead pencils, kneaded erasers. Conte 1710B or 2B pencils are highly recommended
  • Sandpaper block
  • Single edge razor blades
  • Knitting needle or thin dowel at least 12” long (to be used for measuring distances between anatomical landmarks)
  • Notebook (unlined) that could be used for note-taking, as well as producing small studies when needed
  • Printed references from digital files that you will have access to. Some students prefer to download onto a tablet and work from that.
  • A binder in which to organize the digital files that you’ll be printing, should you prefer that option.