Class Supply List

IAPT - Advanced Painting (Studio School) - Brett Gamache

• A not too large paint box with your name on it to hold your paints, brushes, etc.

• Paints: a basic palette of good quality paints should include: Titanium or zinc white #

Yellow ochre # Cadmium yellow Cadmium red medium Burnt sienna # Quinacridone rose Ultramarine blue # Terre Verte * Chromium oxide green Raw umber

Ivory black #

• Palette paper, pads are ok, white freezer paper is cheaper an works well

• Masking tape

• Assortment of natural hog bristle brushes, #4, 6, 8, 10…, be certain that they are for oil and not for acrylics

• Small container of walnut oil

• Small container mineral oil or Murphey’s oil soap for clean up

• No Medium and no solvents

• Stretched and prepared canvas…., 12” x 16” or 18” x 22”

Please note that there are several stores that will give a discount if you bring your course confirmation letter with you. (You might want to call ahead to confirm which ones will give 10% off.) The Artist and Craftsman Store, Pearl Paint, Johnson’s, and Utrecht’s are possible sources. Williamsburg, Sennelier, Old Holland and Rembrandt are good paint brands.

# These colors make up the limited “Greek” palette.

* If you are buying a tube of Terre Verte, it should be made with Terre Verte pigment PG 23, not mixed with other colors.