Class Supply List

MIXC - Mixed Media Collage - Natalia Slattery

The materials for this class are very flexible and you can work with many materials you already have. Your creativity is your only limit! Materials have been separated out by what is required and what is recommended.


  • Pad of heavy sketch paper; 11x17 or larger
  • Bottle of school glue
  • Glue sticks
  • scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Printmaking brayer
  • bone folder
  • Several sheets of black paper
  • various drawing/painting supplies (pens, pencils, and a small set either acrylic or watercolor paints)
  • a device that can take photos (phone or camera)

Recommended (we will use different materials each class, and students will be instructed in what materials to bring each class.)

  • assorted colorful paper (construction paper, magazines, patterned paper, old artwork, etc.)
  • assorted fabric scraps
  • ruler
  • wire
  • needle and embroidery thread
  • cardboard
  • various small objects (trickets, beads, stones, old jewelry, small toys, trash, etc.)
  • wax paper
  • yarn scraps