Class Supply List

MNPR - Experimental Printmaking Workshop - Selma Bromberg

Supplies can be purchased at Artist & Craftsman Supply (580 Mass. Ave., Central Square, Cambridge, 617

-354-3636), Dick Blick Artist Materials, ( 619 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, 1-800-828-4548), and (where noted) at the Cambridge Center.

Supplies to bring to the first class:

• Speedball water-based black ink (small tube)

• Speedball Retarder (small tube)

• Speedball Extender (small tube)

• Speedball soft rubber brayer (3- or 4-inch)

• watercolor brushes (bring what you have or purchase inexpensive brushes in a couple of sizes)

• printing paper: BFK Rives

• pencil

• wax paper

• drawings, sketches, ideas

Supplies you will need to bring to the second class (and beyond):

• Createx Monoprint Base (pure pigment medium)

• Watercolor and/or gouache (bring what you have OR purchase a few inexpensive tubes in the colors of your choice OR purchase a small inexpensive set)

• Caran D’Ache watercolor crayons (bring what you have OR purchase a few individual crayons in the colors of your choice at Artist & Craftsman Supply OR purchase a small set)

• Acrylic medium, gloss or matte (bring what you have OR purchase a small jar)

• Optional: Speedball water-based ink in the color or colors of your choice (small tubes)

Supplies you can purchase at the Cambridge Center (instructions for purchasing will be given during the first class):

• Plexiglas plate

• Printing paper (Rives BFK)

• Wood (for woodcuts)