Class Supply List

MONG - Gelatin Plate Printmaking Workshop - Janet Campbell

The most important supply, the one piece of equipment you have to have is a 6” x 6” Gelli Plate (available at Blick’s at Central Square)

For the rest: bring what you have. You do NOT have to buy all of these—just bring them if you already own them:

• Acrylic paints (any thickness)

• Acrylic Retarder

• Speedball Block Printing Inks

• Speedball Retarder & Extender (if you’ll be using Speedball printing inks)

• Combs, color shapers, credit cards (as many of these as you can get—you can pick up empty value cards at places like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts—just don’t take a lot from any given coffee shop!)

• Texture materials: lace, thread, yarn, anything you can think of. We have a good collection in the studio, but you may have some of your own you’d like to try. Corrugated cardboard, oddly shaped flat objects . . . Also: natural materials like leaves, weeds, grasses—not twigs or anything too 3-D

• Stencils or shape masks—again if you have any

• Roll of good paper towels

• Brushes (not any very expensive ones)

• Sponges

• Hand sanitizer (for wiping the plates)