Class Supply List

PAAC - Beginning Acrylic Painting - Laraine Armenti

  • PAINT: GOLDEN Acrylic Paint in large tubes.

If you already have Liquitex or another brand, bring it. When economy is an issue, Utrecht or Blick brands are okay. (Utrecht is better than Blick so go with that first.) If you get Blick paint, please make sure it is Blick Artist Acrylic and NOT Blick Studio Acrylic (student grade and low pigment level are worthless). Blick Artists and Utrecht are okay, but not at all equivalent in pigment strength to Golden; but for class will be acceptable.

  • COLORS: Please have plenty of white as it is often used in larger quantities than other pigments.
  • Titanium White
  • Ivory Black
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Burnt Sienna or Venetian Red
  • Raw Umber



  • Hansa Yellow Medium
  • Lemon Yellow


  • Pyroll Red or Naptha Red or Cad Red Med
  • Quinocridone Red or Alizarin


  • Cobalt Blue or Ultramarine
  • Cerulean Blue or Pthalo Blue

  • PAPER: one each of two pads.
    • Blick Bristol pad, 14x17 inches, smooth surface. (Please DO NOT bring 9x12 inch)

  • CANSON MIXED MEDIA PAD, 12x9 inches

  • WOODLESS PENCILS in a few weights, like 4B,6B,8B, for example:

  • Roll of white artist tape, 1 inch thick; this is the white archival artist tape. It’s very important to have a roll.

  • ERASER: Staedtler Mars Block Eraser white plastic, phthalate-free & latex-free

white plastic eraser

  • BRUSHES: Blick’s white synthetic rounds will work; sizes 14, 12, 10, 8.

PLEASE DO NOT bring stiff oil painting, hog hair brushes. They are terrible with acrylic paint. Do not bring tiny brushes. Please have a #14 and a #12.

  • METAL PALETTE KNIVES: Please being this style with a long blade and NOT tiny painting knives, the kind used for placing a highlights. Consider buying 2.

  • Disposable paper palette,16x20 inch

Must have lots of room to mix and a WHITE surface. Please do NOT bring a tiny little palette. The palette must be large enough to allow for plenty of room to work. And NOT GREY.

  • Nitrile gloves powder free neutral color

I suggest protecting your hands, even with acrylic, you don’t want it all over your skin. But it’s up to you. Here is a good glove, choose the size best for your hands. I use a medium for a snug fit. You can call Grainger and order them. Or perhaps you can find something similar at the hardware store.

Nitrile gloves

  • Water Buckets

Bring at least 2, something cheap, nothing fancy, for rinsing brushes. A large yogurt or quart take-out container; not glass.

  • Paper Towels

I recommend Blue Shop Towels from Home Depot or Lowes. Cut each sheet into 4 squares. Bring a small stack of squares in a plastic baggie.

Shop Towels


A thin piece of wood or double thick foam core that you can tape or attach your paper to while working. I suggest roughly 18 x 18 or something similar. Thin ¼ inch plywood or a standard drawing board, or whatever you typically use.

Clip Board