Class Supply List

WATE - Watercolor - Bryan Ramey


I prefer Windsor Newton or Grumbacher brands but any student or artist grade will do.

• Permanent Alizarin Crimson

• French Ultramarine

• Cadmium Yellow

• Sap Green

• Veridian

• Cerulean Blue

• Burnt Sienna

• Titanium White

Suggested additional colors if desired:

• Paynes Grey

• Raw Umber

• Indian Red

Watercolor pad or Paper at least 12" x 18": a pad of only 25 pages will do. You'll use one maybe two per class. Arches watercolor pads are perfect for this. Whatever paper you choose must be at least 220 gsm.

300gsm works best.

Watercolor palette with both slanted trays and at least one flat mixing area ( this doesn't need to be huge, no bigger that 8" x 10") example: Blick Covered Palette.

Watercolor Brushes:

If you choose to buy individually here is my suggestions or you can buy a 6 brush variety pack and it will work just fine.

• Round # 1, # 4, # 10

• Filbert #5

• Flat #3, #8

• Mop