Class Supply List

WPIN - Watercolor and Pen & Ink - Nicholas Mancini


I prefer Japanese Sumi ink. Be sure to purchase a 'water-resistant' ink. I buy the Yasutomo 2 oz bottle.


Please purchase a bamboo pen.


Small tubes, warms and cools. The list below includes warms and cools of each primary color. Feel free to bring in additional colors.


  • cadmium yellow (warm)
  • lemon / hansa yellow (cool)
  • cadmium red (w)
  • alizarin crimson (c)
  • Ultramarine blue (w)
  • Cerulean (c)


cold press vs hot press: cold press has texture, hot press is smooth, experiment with both. Should be at least 140 lb; 90 lb ripples too easily. size: 9” x 12”

  • Arches Watercolor Blocks or Pads
  • Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Blocks (cheap, good for experiments)
  • Canson and Blick also sell cheaper watercolor papers


At least one medium/large brush (size 10 or 12), one smaller (4 or 6), and one extra small (size 0). Both round and flat brushes are useful.

  • Blick Masterstroke
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman
  • Princeton Series – Lauren, Heritage, or Neptune
  • Raphael


Plastic watercolor palette (around 10”x10”) with individual paint wells.


  • drawing board (Foam is a cheap option)
  • Pencils and erasers for sketching
  • Artist/masking tape