10 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day

10 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day

by Paul Sayed

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat it.

Everywhere you go, you’ll see reminders of what couples should do for each other. Give each other a box of chocolates! Reserve a dinner for two at our restaurant! Don’t forget to get your significant other a bouquet of roses!

Perhaps by now, your non-single friends have shared their Valentine’s plans with you. On February 14, they’ll take the opportunity to remember why they fell in love. On social media, you might see a barrage of photos of how they celebrated their romance. Don’t let it affect you. Don't worry if you find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day. Just because you don’t have anyone to share it with, doesn’t mean the day itself can’t be special.  Make this Valentine’s Day special by loving yourself and treat yourself to these 10 classes.

Cardio Kickboxing

1 Cardio Kickboxing

Nothing says self-care like learning how to kick butt, literally. Forget the heart-shaped box of chocolates. Get your heart pumping and kick your way to fitness!

Conquer Clutter in Your Home and Office

2 Conquer Clutter in your Home and Office

Free yourself from clutter forever! Clutter can cause you unwanted stress. Create the organized and mess-free space around you on your journey towards self-love.

Mastering Digital Photography

3 Mastering Digital Photography – from Camera to Computer – In One Day

If you’re alone, you might be tempted to start using selfie sticks. However, selfie sticks may cause self-injury and occasional public ridicule. Mastering Digital Photography, on the other hand, will improve your self-portraits. Your Instagram friends will become jealous of your perfectly captured #singlelife.

Shower Singing In Public

4 Shower Singing in Public

If you sing in the shower, now is the time to unleash your inner diva and let the world hear your voice!  This class will help you overcome your fear of embarrassment and your inhibitions as you learn how to sing. Gain the confidence you need to start singing in public.

Learn Bridsongs

5 Learn Birdsongs

What do birdsongs have to do with self-love you ask? What is a Disney Princess without her birds? Also, knowing birdsongs can be a fun way to explore the world around you.

Business Analytics with Excel

6 Business Analytics with Excel

Having decent chops in Excel is imperative in today’s work environment. Becoming the Excel guru in your office will make you an invaluable employee. Learning the important skill can make you competitive in the job market. Self-love means you need to gain the skills for advancement.

Creative Explosion: Music from 1965-1970

7 The Creative Explosion: Popular Music from 1965-1970

Become a music history buff! Between 1965-1970, many important pieces of music were produced from legends such as Bob Dylan to Miles Davis.  Treat yourself to some amazing music and impress your friends with your newly gained knowledge.

Wine and Cheese Pairing

8 Wine and Cheese Pairing

If you’re single on February 14, the chances are you might treat yourself to some wine and your favorite movie at home.  Why not get educated on which wine to select and splurge with a delicious cheese pairing during your solo Netflix and chill?

Glassblowing: Two-Day Drinking Glass Workshop

9 Glassblowing: Two-Day Drinking Glass Workshop

Imagine if you had your own, hand-blown drinking glass.  Learn about glassblowing as your craft a chalice dedicated to yourself. Now that would be an incredible level of self-love. Obviously, this will be the glass you’ll be using during your solo wine sessions.

Basic Mixology

10 Basic Mixology

One step above treating yourself to wine is shaking up your own cocktail. Martinis, Manhattans, gimlets, daiquiris, Cosmopolitans or Sazeracs – whatever your choice, learning how to mix cocktails can greatly enhance your enjoyment of life. Also, the class is taught by yours truly!

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