Andrea Aptecker Interview New Plays Graphic

Bright Savage Theatre Project will present a staged reading of CCAE teacher Andrea Aptecker’s new play Unrequited on Friday, April 13th at 8pm, at the Center for the Arts at the Armory in Somerville. The cost is free, with a suggested $10 donation.

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What is the play about?
Violet has married Douglas and moved into a sprawling old house, but there are shadows from his past that live within its walls. As Violet discovers the truth, the intersection of unrequited desire and fantasy collide, and the living and dead become entwined. Unrequited, set in 1936, is about a house of secrets and the five inhabitants who harbor them. The house bristles with longing, haunting, and desire.

Why did you set the story in 1936?
It felt natural for the story to be “historical.” It gave it atmosphere. I wanted it to have style and elegance—but also to feel alive and raw to audiences today. My playwriting teacher would say I set it in the past because it’s a way to write about something so powerful and emotional, without it submerging me.

The play has gothic elements. Was this on purpose?
No! Everything I wrote was from some primal place inside my soul. After I wrote it, I realized it seemed gothic, so I googled “gothic literature” and discovered that my play has most elements of a gothic story, except the hero/anti-hero are women.

Tell us about the cast and crew.
I’m so lucky J. Deschene is directing, I love collaborating with her. Elizabeth Loranth is producing, it’s a dream when you meet someone who is passionate about your work and determined it get seen by the public. The cast is wonderful. I’m constantly gaining insight into my play from their comments and questions in rehearsals. It’s like having people take a peek inside your brain and give their commentary. I absolutely love it.

Who helps you with your writing?
I take a playwriting workshop at CCAE with Peter Littlefield, he’s very instinctual, he knows exactly what to say to get you to evolve your work and cut through the resistance, go deeper.  I’m also a member of the Playwrights’ Platform, and attend meetings where we read our work and get reaction from the audience of playwrights and others. Andrew Osborne and Don Gervich, both writing instructors at CCAE, have both read my work and given me incredible feedback and encouragement.