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On Thursday, November 15, Friday, November 16, and Saturday, November 17 CCAE students and instructors performed pieces from their classes in Spiegel Auditorium at 56 Brattle Street! Students, instructors, neighbors, and friends enjoyed three evenings of music, theater, comedy, and more.

Thursday, November 15 at 7:00 pm - An Evening of Readings by Humanities students featuring poetry, memoir, short stories, and more.

Friday, November 16 at 7:00 pm - An Evening of Musical Performances featuring our cello, clarinet, and recorder students.

Saturday, November 17 at 7:00 pm - An Evening of New Play Readings! (& Comedy)

Cambridge Center for Adult Education presented An Evening of New Play Readings, featuring short plays by CCAE teachers and playwriting students. 

Location: The Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Harvard Square. 56 Brattle Street (Spiegel Theatre).

Selected plays included Goodnight Spouse by Andrea Aptecker, Kitchen Surprise by Roberta Kosberg, The Message by Sarah Carey, Port in a Storm by Jane Poncia, A Prayer on 46th Street by Marguerite McHale, Full Bodied, Lingering by Don Gervich, Inked! by Nancy Temple, and Don’t Look Now by Rosalie H. Davis.

Guest Actors: Kathleen Monteleone, Jonathan Shulman, Paul Walsh, J Deschene, Anita J. Harkess, Lucas Commons-Miller, Leslie Drescher, Alev Harry Gustafson, Greg Hovanesian, and Morgan Rose Ford.

Special Thanks to Linda Burton, Roland Pease, Michelle Baxter, and Peter Littlefield for their support of the theatre program, and dedication to new and emerging playwrights


Some photos from Play Reading rehearsal by Andrea Aptecker: