Berta Golahny Awards

Recent Works on display Friday, April 12th through Thursday, May 30th

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Recent Works Exhibition & the Berta Golahny Student Awards

This show will feature two-dimensional work—painting, drawing, photography, prints, collage and mixed media—created by CCAE students within the past year. All works will also be considered for the Berta Golahny Student Award, which includes a $100 cash prize given to 3 CCAE visual arts students. In conjunction with the exhibition and awards, 2019 Faculty Juror, Ellen Stutman, will give an Artist Talk on Wednesday, April 10th, 1pm.

Artists in the show include Anne Beinecke, Mel Brown, Hilary Burling, Susan Chasen, Ruth Clark, David Colombo, Elizabeth Coxe, Darcey Crandall, Susanne Ebbinghaus, Goldie Freeman, Mary Gillis, Kristin Griffin, Morgan Hansen, Ann Haycox, Nicole Hogarty, Lin Huang, Catherine Hughes, Le Huong Huynh, Janet Huang, Melba Juez-Perrone, Andrea Karls, Caroline Liang, Ruven Liebhaber, Michelle Lynds, Valeria Martin, Nona Morse, Craig O'Neill, Kendall Pletcher, Judith Prager, Stephanie Ressel, Marina Rodniansky, Francine Rubin, Jhilam Sanyal, Hannah Stevenson, Sunia Trauger, Susan Varga, Min Verquist, Sarah Wright, Pui Wu.

The 2019 winners of the Berta Golahny Student Awards are: Mary Gillis, Susan Varga, and Pui Wu.
Honorable Mention: Nicole Hogarty


Artist Talk with Ellen Stutman, 2019 Faculty Juror

Wednesday, April 10, 1pm | Free! with complimentary coffee & tea

Ellen will discuss how her roles as teacher and painter interact and influence each other and how her philosophy of art has evolved from this interaction and continues to influence her artistic life. She’ll also talk about what she is learning from being both a teacher and a student and the pleasure and surprises of teaching adults.

About Ellen

Since the mid-1970s, Ellen Stutman has been teaching at CCAE. Ellen teaches drawing to beginner level students who have little-to-no drawing experience, working with them to develop self-confidence in a supportive environment. Ellen describes, “I love that wonderful moment when [students] suddenly realize, “I can do this!” then the actual learning process can take place.” Ellen’s own work is inspired by nature, and she has recently been exploring a new medium with woodcuts. She started painting when living in Europe for 6 years. Ellen holds a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and MFAs in Painting and Art Education from Boston University.

Ellen Stutman Autumn Color 2019 9X18 In

Autumn Color by Ellen Stutman. See this and more of Ellen's work at the upcoming show, Old/New: A Retrospective at Habitat Education Center in Belmont, May 7 - June 2.

About The Berta Golahny Student Awards

Portrait Of The Artist Golahny

Berta Golahny was a longtime visual arts teacher at CCAE, from 1959 to 2001. Her family provided a gift to create the Berta Golahny Awards in her memory. The gift was originally designed to support awards from 2016-2018. CCAE and the Golahny family decided to continue the student awards tradition annually.

The 2019 jury will be comprised of:

  • Amy Golahny, Ph.D., Richmond Professor of Art History and Chair, Art Department, Lycoming College;
  • Faculty Juror for 2019: Ellen Stutman, Drawing Instructor

The jury will select the student award recipients by viewing all works selected for the exhibition.

About Berta Golahny

Berta Rosenbaum was born in Detroit. She studied at the Arts Students League of New York on scholarship, the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Iowa. She met Yuda Golahny in Detroit; they married and came to Cambridge for Yuda to study at MIT. Berta taught CCAE painting classes on Monday nights. Many of her students took her class continually for years, creating deep bonds between this extraordinary teacher and her students. In her obituary, one of these students asked, “Now that Berta is gone, what will we do on Monday nights?”

We encourage you to visit this website to learn more: Additionally, a large selection of prints by Berta can be found at The Brier Hill Gallery website:

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