Gonson Daytime Lectures

Stimulate your mind mid-day with these lunchtime lectures on Wednesdays at 1pm at 56 Brattle Street. Admission is $5.

Fall 2019 Lectures:

Wednesdays at 1pm at 56 Brattle Street

October 16

Public Art in Cambridge

Rhett Nichols | S.B. History, Theory, and Criticism of Art and Architecture, MIT

Cambridge is a treasure trove of public art with many gems that even residents might not know about. In this fun overview of public (mostly outdoor) visual art collections, we will look at some examples from these collections and learn about the artwork and the artists. We will also review interesting maps and resources that can help you find
them. Good for art lovers of all levels.

October 23

Boston Victorian Architecture and Walker Evans, Lincoln Kirstein, and John Brooks Wheelwright

Stephen Jerome | Architectural and Social Historian

In 1931, the photographer Walker Evans—later famous for his collaboration with author James Agee documenting the effects of the Depression for the Farm Security Administration (FSA)—joined Lincoln Kirstein, his early promoter, and architect/poet John Brooks Wheelwright in a project to photograph Victorian architecture for a book Wheelwright was writing on this subject. Many of the resulting iconic images are in the permanent collections of museums. Join Stephen Jerome, architectural and social historian, for a slideshow about this rare archive of Victorian architecture and the three luminaries behind it.

October 30

What Does Marnie "Mean"?: Cinema, Psychoanalysis, and the Problem of Interpretation

Michael Frank | Ph.D. Cornell University

For a variety of reasons, both historical and biographical, the films of Alfred Hitchcock have probably been subjected to more analysis and interpretation than those of any other filmmaker. Of his films, Marnie (1964) may be the most problematic. For these reasons, it becomes a very useful text to use as an illustration of the process of making meaning. After screening a short sequence from the film, audience members will be invited to offer and defend their understanding or interpretation. We’ll then look at some expert interpretations to see how they develop, what they are based on, and finally to determine whether they derive from the film or are imposed on it by willful critics. Our goal will be not only to get a richer understanding of Marnie and Hitchcock, but also to sort through some of the complexities involved in all acts of interpretation.

November 6

Career Re-Entry Strategies for Caregivers

Leanne Rodd | Associate Director of Talent, FlexProfessionals

Following a career break, many professionals returning to paid work are concerned about their resume gap, faced with a stale network, and lack the confidence they once had in their career pursuits. In this workshop, we'll talk about today’s job market and hiring trends, top challenges re-entry professionals face and ways to address them, useful online resources to help you explore careers and update or maintain your skills, effective job search strategies for professionals like you, and many other tips for re-entering the workforce after a career break, including how to position yourself for a career transition.