Blacksmith House Poetry Series - Dara Barrois/Dixon (formerly Dara Wier) and Dennis Nurkse

April 25, 2022

4 25 Dara Barrois Dixon Tolstoy Killed Anna Karenina Dennis Nurske A Country of Strangers

56 Brattle St
Cambridge MA 02138

April 25, 2022
8:00pm – 9:00pm

Dara Barrois/Dixon (formerly Dara Wier) reads from her new collection, Tolstoy Killed Anna Karenina, with Dennis Nurkse, author of A Country of Strangers.

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Founded in 1973, the award-winning Blacksmith House Poetry Series brings established and emerging writers of poetry and fiction to Harvard Square. In person readings will take place at 56 Brattle on Mondays at 8pm. Admission is $3. Please register in advance.