Italy: Sicily Farm and Almond Milk

March 27, 2021

Italy Zisol House Farm

Online via Zoom
Cambridge MA 02138

March 27, 2021
10:30am – 11:30am

Let’s Zoom in and explore food and culture from around the world. Flights are on hold, but our connections are not. We’ll bring the local food and culture to your home. Join our local chefs from different continents for an hour in our food and cultural experiences.

In Zisolhouse farm, fresh ingredients are the key elements to make delicious and nutritious food and wine. Almonds were cultivated in Sicily before BC and have a reputation for its sweetness. Let’s have a quick tour of this farm and learn how to make almond milk from scratch. You’ll experience the huge difference between homemade almond milk and a store bought one. Fabio and Annarella will share their perspectives about sustainability of almond farming and their family recipes from the medieval time to cook with almond pulps. This is truly sustainable farming with zero waste.