Odyssey, Of Course!

May 18, 2021

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Online via Zoom
Cambridge MA 02138

May 18, 2021
6:00pm – 7:30pm

A Virtual Journey of Adventure, Fun, & Friendraising for CCAE

All proceeds from Odyssey, Of Course! benefit CCAE’s individual scholarships, outreach programs, and public programming.

Celebrate online learning, exploration, and community, and spend a virtual evening with us! Examine different cultures, enjoy new flavors, contemplate a personal quest. We invite you to turn your screen into an odyssey and embark on an expedition of imagination and adventure.

Included in the event:

Experience a cooking demonstration and special welcome from acclaimed chef Jacques Pepin.

Laugh along with a Zoom cooking class gone wrong in a play by CCAE Instructor Andrea Aptecker that has been shown around the world including the New York Playbill Virtual Theatre Festival

Choose from one of 12 different 40-minute odysseys to pursue (scroll down for descriptions):

  1. From East Cambridge to MIT to NPR Stardom: My Life and Your Car Repair Car Talk Guy Ray Magliozzi
  2. A New England Map of Cabot Cheeses Paired with 90+ Cellars Wines Sold Out!
  3. Make Like Odysseus' Penelope and Weave! with CCAE Instructor Kirsten Swartz
  4. Into the Deep End: How I Took Over S+H Construction, Learned to be a CEO, and Remade the Company, All at the Same Time with S+H Construction Owner, Sarah Lawson
  5. The Wide World of Beer with Lamplighter Brewery
  6. Turkish Culture and Cooking with Chef Didem Hosgel - Make Your Own Lahmacun Sold Out!
  7. Charting Your Next Adventure! with CCAE Instructor Kendall Dudley
  8. Va Pensiero – Odyssey of a Nation through Verdi's Opera with CCAE Instructor Maria Felicita Fichera
  9. Saluti dell'acquerello: Watercolor Postcards from Home with CCAE Instructor Bryan Ramey Sold Out!
  10. Thai Herb Salad and Magic Drink with CCAE Program Director, Ploy Khunisorn
  11. What’s Hot, What’s Not?—How Is Your Antique Faring in the Choppy Seas of the Auction World
  12. A Dip into the Whiskey Barrel - A Cocktail, a History, and a Tasting with CCAE Instructor Brendan O’Toole Sold Out!

Let’s come together as a community, have some fun, and learn with and from each other. Most importantly, spend time together and celebrate all the reasons we love Cambridge Center for Adult Education!

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Anonymous (Explorer)
Jeannette and Charles Atkinson (Explorer)
Ed and Sarah Baker (Explorer)
Phil and Hilary Burling (Explorer)
Iris Chandler (Dreamer)
Liz Coxe and Dave Forney (Adventurer)
Sandra and Toby Fairbank (Dreamer)
Mary Ella Feinleib (Dreamer)
JaneAnn and Peter Fisher (Explorer)
Weezie and Laurens Goff (Dreamer)
Don and Dotty Gonson (Dreamer)
Garth and Lindsay Greimann (Dreamer)
Jock Herron and Julia Moore (Explorer)
Jane Katims and Daniel Perlman (Dreamer)
Janet Kinasewich (Dreamer)
David Lehman and Tina Bentley (Dreamer)
Kyra Montagu (Explorer)
Christian Nolen and Susan Denny (Adventurer)
Susan and Robert Pharr (Dreamer)
Lidija Polutnik (Dreamer)
Jonathan and Amy Poorvu (Explorer)
Mary and Brad Power (Dreamer)
B.J. and Malcolm Salter (Dreamer)
Susana Segat (Dreamer)
Jeannie and Matey Smith (Dreamer)
Nan and George Soule (Explorer)
Patty and David Straus (Dreamer)
E.V. and Tadhg Sweeney (Explorer)
Renata Von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck (Dreamer)
Natalie Wigotsky Reed (Dreamer)

Keynote Session Description

To kick off Odyssey, Of Course!, we invite you to peek inside a CCAE cooking class--one that has gone off the rails entirely--called “You Cake Bake!” For your entertainment, CCAE instructor and playwright Andrea Aptecker and her actor friends offer up this delightful and hilarious take (spoiler alert, the lead’s very-much-ex boyfriend signed up for the class) on Zoom education gone horribly wrong.

After witnessing the Zoom nightmare, you will experience a cooking demonstration and special welcome from acclaimed chef Jacques Pepin!

Andrea Aptecker - A teacher and playwright from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Andrea is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, and serves on the Board of Directors of Playwrights’ Platform. Her plays and monologues have been performed across the United States and UK. You can find Andrea’s plays on the New Play Exchange: Andrea Aptecker | New Play Exchange. This play, inspired by Andrea’s own experiences as a CCAE ESL instructor, has been performed in New York City, London, New Jersey and Texas during the pandemic to great acclaim.

Jacques Pépin is one of the world’s most celebrated chefs. Through his long and distinguished career as a professional chef and instructor, and as host of 14 popular public television series and the author of dozens of cookbooks, Pépin has advanced the art and craft of culinary technique as much as any other figure of the past century.

Session Descriptions

1. From East Cambridge to MIT to CCAE to NPR stardom: My Life and Your Car Repair with Car Talk Guy Ray Magliozzi

Tune in to hear about the fascinating life of Ray Magliozzi, who, with his older brother Tom, turned a love of car repair into a 30-year adventure on National Public Radio. Ray will talk about his own personal journey from East Cambridge to MIT to Good Time Garage to NPR star (spoiler alert: it was their class at CCAE that directly led to their radio call-in show on WBUR in 1977). And, by the way, Ray will also take your car repair questions!

Ray Magliozzi - “For as long as I can remember, I've loved to take things apart to see how they work, and as a kid I'd take things apart and put them back together again over and over. That was my hobby.” After graduating from MIT, Tom turned his hobby into a career with his older brother Tom, first with the Good Time Garage and then with a long and illustrious career as “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers” on NPR. The show, winner of a Peabody Award in 1992, suspended live episodes in 2012, but continues to rerun every Saturday morning on WBUR.

2. A New England Map of Cabot Cheeses Paired with 90+ Cellars Wines

Cabot Creamery has been a cooperative of working farmers from upstate New York and New England since its beginning in 1919; and their wide array of delicious dairy foods are available locally. You will be tasting Cabot's award-winning cheddars, paired with flavorful and winning wines from CCAE’s long-time sponsor, 90+ Cellars, whose firm belief is that that every occasion (like this one!) calls for great wine, and whose mission is to create great wines at a great price—to enjoy anytime (like now!).

3. Make Like Odysseus’ Penelope, and Weave!

In Homer’s great work, Penelope weaved and weaved to keep the suitors at bay, waiting for her husband Odysseus’ less-than-certain return. You too can use weaving to calm you, to center you, and to create art. This workshop teaches a variety of weaving techniques, using small colored cardboard strips, to give you the skills to create a tapestry unique to you. We will hand-weave a small wall piece during this session, so get ready to be creative, like Penelope, whose weaving finally brought her love back to her.

Kirsten Swartz's artistic practice explores traditional fiber art media passed down from the women in her family, as well as watercolor, gouache, and pen and ink illustration, paper cutting, calligraphy, and other paper-based crafts. With experience in museum education at both art museums and a botanic garden, as well as years of teaching people with disabilities, Kirsten is invested in creating inclusive, accessible learning environments for students to feel comfortable experimenting and expressing themselves through art and craft.

4. Into the Deep End: How I Took Over S+H Construction, Learned to be a CEO, and Remade the Company, All at the Same Time

In 2015, S+H Construction Manager Sarah Lawson saw a chance to realize her dream of owning a company. The two highly-respected and well-known owners of S+H were getting ready to retire. She approached them with a detailed plan of how she could take over ownership of the business. After months of working out the details, they said yes! Since then, it's been a wonderful, occasionally terrifying, trial-by-fire, as she works to make the company as good as it can be and learn her job. Come hear Sarah’s own personal odyssey, and discuss with her how you could take that same bull by the horns and be your own boss!

Sarah Lawson grew up in Lincoln, MA and was a project manager at S + H Construction for nine years before buying the company in 2016. Sarah owned her own small contracting firm before coming to S + H. She is the mother of two children and the stepmother of four more.

5. The Wide World of Beer with Lamplighter Brewery

In a hop-focused world, it can be hard to access quality, well-rounded, no-judgement beer education. Join Gabby from Lamplighter Brewing Co. to cover the bases on each of beer's ingredients *plus* the historical and cultural elements central to each beer style's story. This "beer 101" tasting session (with two beers included!) should prepare you to order the best beer for you at any bar or brewery.

Lamplighter is a brewery and taproom located in the center of Cambridge. A little more than four years ago, we opened our taproom doors so the community could enjoy our aroma-packed and flavor-driven beers, with an emphasis on New England IPAs, barrel-aged sours, and special seasonals. We sell the majority of our beer on-site, and also distribute to a network of accounts throughout MA and parts of NY, ME, and RI.

Gabby Bonfliglio, your instructor, has been working at Lamplighter for nearly 3 years. She's a fermentation nerd who is halfway to achieving her Cicerone certification—which designates hospitality professionals with proven experience in selecting, acquiring and serving today's wide range of beers.

6. Turkish Culture and Cooking with Chef Didem Hosgel - Make Your Own Lahmacun

Chef Didem grew up in southern Turkey, where cooking is a way of life. From a young age, her mother, grandmothers, and aunts taught her everything about growing and cooking food, passing along everything from memory, passed down through generations. Didem eventually traveled to the U.S. in pursuit of her passion. Chef Didem will discuss her personal journey as a chef and traveler, as she shows us how to make the classic Middle Eastern flatbread, Lahmacun! You'll learn the traditional methods and toppings as well as how you can create endless modern twists for this popular Turkish street food staple.

Chef Didem Hosgel, coming to the U.S, convinced acclaimed Chef Ana Sortun of Oleana to take a chance on a home cook with no experience but endless determination. After many years of working at Oleana under the guidance of Chefs Cassie Piuma (of Sarma) and Cara Chigazola Tobin (of Honeyroad), she received her culinary degree from Cambridge Culinary, became the Chef to the Turkish Consulate of Boston. She returned to work with Sortun as Chef de Cuisine of Sofra Bakery and Cafe. In 2020, Chef Didem opened her own business, Tasteful Sini, a personalized chef service, to create memorable food experiences for every occasion: day-to-day meals to very special celebrations.

7. Charting Your Next Adventure!

Whether you are a vivid armchair traveler or one who hits the road, what are the future adventures that call to you? Playing with photos, our histories, lists and simple drawings, we'll discover big ideas, interests and everyday thrills that add edge, color and dimension to life. Journaling ideas and other resources will keep the process going. Bring 3 objects that may be nudging you towards bigger ideas.

Kendall Dudley, M.A., is a career and life design consultant, who also teaches writing and art. At CCAE, his classes have produced 65 volumes of writing and graphics plus hundreds of individual career maps, travel itineraries and thousands of ideas collected from 100 Things To Do Before You Hit 100. He leads writing and creativity adventures online and in person, wins state grants for his public arts projects and is publishing a novel.

8. Va Pensiero – A Reflection on the Odyssey of a Nation

Let's discover the symbolic meaning hidden behind the lyrics of Giuseppe Verdi's 'Va pensiero' as we witness the odyssey of a People on a journey toward the unification of Italy in the 19th Century. Both students of Italian and students without knowledge of the language are equally welcome to accompany us on our expedition.

Maria Felicita Fichera is an Italian native from Catania, Sicily. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Piano in 1987, she received a Bachelor's degree in Italian Culture and Musicology from the University of Bologna and a Master's degree in Music Cultures of the 20th century from the University Tor Vergata in Rome. Maria Felicita has over 25 years of professional experience as a music educator and has been a faculty member in several schools and academies as a Music History teacher. In addition, she has also hosted several concerts for which she has written and reviewed the program notes. She's currently an adjunct teacher of Italian at the World Languages and Cultures Department in Merrimack College in North Andover.

9. Saluti dell'acquerello: Watercolor Postcards from Home

Sending or receiving postcards is such a simple pleasure. The idea of sharing your adventure with a loved one gives it that extra special feeling. Artists have long made watercolor postcards as a way to express both their own point of view and share their world or adventure with close friends and family. Since the world stopped traveling over the past year, let us look back to our own odysseys, and reignite the joy of sharing a creative experience, even if it is just an adventure in your own backyard. In this brief workshop, you'll work through a short lesson in how to paint with the whimsical medium of watercolor--and then create a small postcard watercolor either en plein air from your home or from a photograph of your favorite travel moment.

Bryan Ramey received his BFA from Alfred University in 2008, after which he honed his craft, traveling internationally before settling in Brisbane Australia. There, he worked with Jugglers Art Space and also landed his first solo show. He returned stateside to attend the Post-Baccalaureate Program at the School for the Museum of Fine Arts in 2011. Over the last 10 years, Bryan has exhibited both locally and internationally while working with musicians and authors as a freelance illustrator. He currently lives and works out of his home studio in Brighton MA. Website: artbyramey.com Instagram: @Thorodin64

10. Thai Herb Salad and Magic Drink with CCAE Program Director, Ploy Khunisorn

In Thailand, fresh herbs are used extensively to enhance the flavor and depth of Thai street food. In this online interactive session, Ploy will transport you on a journey to a virtual Thailand full of fresh herbs, and explore all the types of fresh herbs that are used so originally in Thai street food. We’ll make a fresh Thai Herb Salad and concoct a magic drink--Lime Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea. The ingredient kit will include fresh herbs, vegetables, and unique Thai ingredients. You have an option to add any cooked meat or seafood of your choice to your salad at home.

CCAE Program Director Ploy Khunisorn is a native of Thailand. She went to Suan Dusit International Culinary School while she was working as a financial analyst in Bangkok. She came to Cambridge to get a Masters Degree in Sustainability at Harvard University and Masters Degree in Education at Cambridge College. She started teaching Thai cooking classes at CCAE in 2014 and became the program director of food and wine soon after. With her love of traveling (to more than 30 countries), she has learned many world cuisines. In her 6+ years with CCAE, Ploy has taught over 2,000 students to cook and bake Asian cuisines, vegan food, gluten-free diets, pastries, and more.

11. What’s Hot, What’s Not?—How Is Your Antique Faring in the Choppy Seas of the Auction World?

Meet, and have your treasures appraised by, Karen Keane and Kerry Shrives, respectively CEO and Senior Vice President of Skinner, Inc., stars of WGBH’s long-running hit Antiques Roadshow. As a special favor, they have agreed to appraise your own rare item. To participate, email pictures of your special antique to kshrives@skinnerinc.com before May 11, and they will appraise your item, either in this session or after. These two women are leading experts in appraisal of the unique, rare, and beautiful, in categories that include the fine and decorative arts, jewelry, modern design, musical instruments, science and technology, wine, Judaica and too many others to name. Karen and Kerry will discuss their life journeys as they pursued this rarified and highly competitive world.
As CEO of Skinner, Inc., Karen Keane oversees one of the world’s leading auction houses, and the largest in New England. Karen elevated Skinner to world-class status, commanding world records in the international auction marketplace. In addition to running the company, she’s one of the firm's most versatile appraisers and a formidable presence at the auction podium. Kerry Shrives has more than 30 years experience as an appraiser and auctioneer of fine arts & antiques, with diverse interests from the 18th - 21st centuries. She has held several specialist roles and has also driven the successful transformation of Skinner into a web-based business, providing real-time internet bidding for every Skinner auction.

12. A Dip into the Whiskey Barrel - A Cocktail, a History, and a Tasting with CCAE Instructor Brendan O’Toole

Whiskey has been a part of American history right from the beginning, and its influence can be seen almost everywhere. Rum financed the Revolution, whiskey almost caused another, and bootleg gin remodeled our cities. We'll discuss this history while sampling a classic bourbon, and then celebrate America's greatest contribution to the world of spirits, the modern cocktail, by learning to make a Vieux Carre.

A professional beer and spirits enthusiast, Brendan O’Toole has worked as a manager in local retail shops and breweries, learning the history and craft of all things fermented and distilled. He has also run private tastings, community events, and corporate gatherings focused on beer and spirits education. The tavern sits at the heart of much of our cultural and social interaction, and he believes it's important to know what's in your glass.